A Forgotten Room Behind A Forgettable Door

This is a door not many of our visitors seem to notice. Which is to say, it is a door that has always existed but people tend to forget it is there because it is so nondescript that somehow your brain tells you it cannot exist.

A more canny visitor may discern that a spell has been laid upon the door. Perhaps you, intrepid visitor of this house as vast as some worlds, seem to have known better. For here you are, within a room as forgettable as the door. The walls are of stone, and someone has thrown down a carpet that has seen much, much better days.

There is a medicinal stench which is most peculiar.

Apart from the carpet, the door and the walls, the only other things to notice are the furniture, and the blue-framed windows, which are open. Walking to the window you will see the herb and vegetable gardens that lay just beyond the Kitchen Witch’s domain. Beyond that, a low line of hedges separating the grounds of Domus Exsulis from the vastness of green fields, undulating downwards towards the long Mishgalaveri Vale.

You decide it is not an unpleasant room, despite the medicinal smell. You sit down at the  simple white desk, rattling at the drawers which will not open. You rummage the desk in search of a key.

(c) Nin Harris 2018 –. All Rights Reserved.

The Featured Image is by Pedro Ribeiro Simões from Lisboa, Portugal, licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Accessed via Wiki Commons. The background digital art divider is by (c) Nin Harris. All Rights Reserved.