At The Garden’s Bottom

Every garden or grounds has a bottom.

This remains true even if it is a postcard sized yard or if your space is cemented, or if everything is perfectly level, or circular or hexagonal. You do not need to know where the garden’s bottom is. The faeries do. We do. Wherever there is a bottom, and a body of water, here we will bide, the garden’s watermaidens. We will wade between rushes or grass or moss and we will spy on you. You will be enchanted by the sheen of moonlight against the surface of our watery skin but your conscious mind will not even register our presence. It is enough.

You do not need to believe in us. Like the Garden’s Bottom, we remain true, regardless of whether or not your heart is cemented, or if everything is perfectly level, or if your logic is delightfully circular or hexagonal.

(c) Nin Harris 2009 –. All Rights Reserved.

This section of the Domus Exsilium Gardens IF is still in development as our gardeners prune, landscape, measure and make new paths for you to meander. Check back soon!

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