Coquina Magia

The kitchen is a hub of activity with all manner of Yrejveree‚Äôs inhabitants bustling about, dispatching orders on sheets of paper to pixies who hover mid-air. An exasperated were-cat cook fishes an imp out of her batter, whilst a confused human boy tries his best to stuff a turkey whilst squinting at an old recipe book.

We call this The Kitchen, but you understand, it is really a multitude of kitchens, a warren of kitchens feeding into a central hall where the main spits are, where the fireplace is, where a long table resides. We cook here for the residents of the Domus, a huge rambling co-op of buildings taken over by exiles from the Fourfold Realms, with a council of leaders from our respective clans and tribes, presided over by the Guardian, Aila da Silva, when she has not disappeared. When Kieran Lee is not in charge. Sometimes, nobody is in charge, except for the Kitchen Witch.

Shani is our Head Chef, a kitchen witch from the ferahia. Not that she recognises the appellation of Head Chef. No, she snorts, laughs and mock at those of us from Terra Cognita, who have come from culinary schools and Michelin-starred restaurants. Here, she insists, we cook a different way. Still, we toil. We gently insert our fine cuisine variations into her ferahian menus. She learns from us, grudgingly. We learn from her.

We, “Yes, Chef” her all the time. She used to snort at that, but she’s grown accustomed to it, over the years.

In these ridiculously magical kitchens, we co-exist and dream about opening our own restaurants, our own cafes in the Mykologosia. Some of us, that is. The rest of us would happily live in these kitchens with their blend of heavenly food and witchery, with a dream commute and rooms to lose yourself into.

Once you have found Home, why would you want to leave it?

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This section of the Coquina Magia IF is still in development as our chefs and sous-chefs work on their mise-en-place, their menus, and tweak their sauces and gravies to perfection!

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