Surrounded By Sky

You find you have entered a room that hurts your eyes with the sheer intensity of the light that surrounds you.

The walls are all of glass.

Outside, the sky is a painful shade of blue.

A flight of birds fly past. The winds shiver the glass panes.

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In the center of this room is an incandescent flame. In the center of the flame is a crystalline peacock, a twin of the peacock upon the white door’s glass feature.

You realise you are in a lighthouse, but it is the oddest sort of lighthouse.

What will you do next? Move closer, or try to return to the domus through the peacock door? Perhaps you’d like to look outside?

Check back soon to see if your other options have unlocked in this wing of the Antechamber Game!

(c) Nin Harris 2020. All Rights Reserved.

The featured picture of Pigeon Point Lighthouse is by (c)  Frank Schulenburg and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

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