Dylluan; a Library Owl

The Library Owl is named rather obviously Dylluan* because Aila has a rather obvious sense of humour.

Dylluan spends most of her time burrowing in her cozy nest in the rafters concealed by the domed ceiling of the bibliotheca, but she also perches on bookstands, shelves and the very special stand Aila had one of the wood-dwarves carve for her.

Dylluan is wary of strangers, but adores a fine brie, so if you’re nice, she might just let you gift her a small slice.

You may find occasionally find this owl somewhere in the meadows beyond the grounds of this domus, but her true home is the bibliotheca.

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*Dylluan or Tylluan is Welsh for owl.

This feature picture of a burrowing owl is by Dori and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Found on Wikimedia Commons.
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